“Big Splash: Purple Sunset”

1 thought on ““Big Splash: Purple Sunset””

  1. This painting is full of life. I used to sit at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and be facinated by the life of the waves turning over with so much speed that I could not see the drops separately or individually. I would muse to myself; “is it possible to capture the drops of water somehow on my canvas?”. This is one of the paintings I came up with.

    The ocean shows the duplexity of calm at times and violent at other times, during a storm, for example. Then the rose sky, also, portrays days when the sunrise, or sunset is beautiful. But, the purple sky reminds us that sometimes the weather turns ominous and we want to get into a safe shelter till it passes. Hope this helps you understand the origins of this painting. Yet, you may find much, much more here. Let me know.

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